Protective Device Library

Protective Device Library

Protective Device Library

Verified & Validated

Protective device libraries provide complete verified and validated data based on equipment manufacturer's published data.

Protective Device Library

  • Fuse
  • Relay (50, 51, 67, 49, 87, 21)
  • Recloser (79)
  • Electronic Controller
  • HV Circuit Breaker
  • LV Circuit Breaker
  • Solid State Trip
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Thermal Magnetic Trip
  • GFCI / RCD
  • Motor Circuit Protector
  • Overload Heater
Protective Device Library Screen Shots with TCC Curve and Thermal Magnetic Trip Curves using published manufacturer data


  • Library copy & merge manager
  • Most comprehensive & up-to-date protective device information
  • Verified & validated libraries using published manufacturer data
  • User-definable libraries - easily create & add new devices
  • Digitalization points & equation based relays
  • True-to-form modeling of protective devices
  • Legacy as well as state-of-the-art device manufacturer models
  • Customized library - user curve library
ETAP Library Merge Editor

Library Merge

ETAP allows merging of library files using the copy and merge functions.

This function allows you to integrate a partial or complete library file from one library to another library, making it simple to manage the library content from various files.

Verified & Validated Library

Every release of ETAP Library is verified and validated (V&V) against manufacturer's published data to ensure technical accuracy.

Library Checker

The checker access level is provided for verification of changes to project engineering properties and libraries data, allowing for control and validation.



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