Train Performance Calculator

Train Performance Calculator

Train Performance Calculator

Train Performance Simulator
Accurate calculation of train running times under normal or temporary speed restriction conditions and also considers track bend radius, rolling stock utilization, track section elevation, etc.
Train Performance Calculator

Train Performance Calculator Key Features

  • Determine tractive effort based on train performance
  • Considers track profile such as grade, curvature, speed limits, etc.
  • Considers rolling, acceleration and drag resistance
  • Analyze Train Trip Times
  • Trip Stops and Stopping Pattern
  • Identify power supply inadequacies / pinch points
  • Train power consumption / demand
  • Simulate Rolling Stock retrofits / upgrades
  • Impact of Regenerative Braking
Train Performance Calculator Results

Train Performance Calculator Results & Plots

  • Graphical power flow and voltage drop values throughout the electrical network and OCS
  • Phase and sequence power flows and voltages
  • Display results graphically on the single line and geospatial view
  • Traction power calculation time slider
  • Train animation playback showing calculated values and train position
  • Graphical plots using Plot Manager



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