ETAP Global Conference 2020

Irvine, California

April 19 - 23, 2021

ETAP Global Conference 2020

Technology Expo & Solution Center

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In the Heart of Orange County

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Design to Real-Time Operation
Operation to Optimal 


ETAP Global Conference & Expo 2021

The premier event for engineers and industry professionals in the field of power system visualization, analysis, automation, control and optimization.

EGC2020 Focus & Topics

Conference Agenda

ETAP Global Conference promises informative presentations, exhilarating keynotes, thought-provoking presentations, innovative technology expo and memorable networking events.

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EGC2020 Expo

Technology Expo

Join us and learn about our latest product innovations and connect with our expert and leading industry solution partners at Technology Expo & Solution Center

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EGC2020 Hotel Irvine

Hotel & Location

Hotel Irvine

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Guest Speaker


Michio Kaku

  • Renowned Theoretical Physicist
  • Co-Founder, String Field Theory
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of Physics of the Impossible

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. As co-founder of String Field Theory, he carries on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory of everything.

In his talk The Next Wave of Energy Innovations, Dr. Kaku will discuss how breakthrough technologies such as Super Batteries & Energy Storage Devices, Renewable Energy, Fusion Power, Quantum Computers, and Learning Machines will revolutionize the energy industry in the next two decades.


Keynote Speaker


Farrokh Shokooh

  • ETAP Design Master
  • IEEE Life Fellow

Dr. Farrokh Shokooh founded ETAP in 1986 with the vision to make the most capable and intuitive electrical power system analysis software. He is a Life Fellow of IEEE for his contributions in the development of computer simulation and modeling techniques for electrical power systems. He is a recipient of IEEE Third Millennium Medal and registered PE in California and Texas.

The keynote addresses the next stage of transformation of the electrical digital twin from Design to Real-Time Operation to Optimal Planning by leveraging the convergence of system Awareness, Intelligence & Control.



Day 1

Case Studies

  • Arc Flash Safety
  • Grid Code Compliance
  • Geospatial Network Modeling
  • Railway Traction Analysis
  • Intelligent Load Shedding
  • Operator Training Simulator

Tech Expo


Conference Social


Day 2


Farrokh Shokooh

Guest Speaker

Michio Kaku


  • Model-Driven Intelligent Control
  • Operational Digital Twin
  • Safety & Shutdown Systems
  • Model-Driven Asset Management
  • Situational Intelligence
  • Data Centers

Tech Expo

Dinner & Entertainment

Day 3

Tutorials - 1

Industrial Systems
  • Arc Flash
  • Protection & Selectivity
  • Dynamic Protection
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Energy Storage

Tutorials - 2

T&D Systems
  • Volt/Var Optimization & Control
  • Microgrid Controller
  • Power Plant Controller
  • Feeder Hosting Capacity
  • Voltage Stability
  • Advanced Fault Analysis System
  • Available Transfer Capability
  • Generation Adequacy Analysis
  • Relay Management

Tech Expo


Microgrid Controller for Energy Management

Day 4

  • Microgrid Fundamentals
  • Network Modeling & Studies
  • Control Logic Validation
  • Microgrid Control Integration

Day 5

  • Microgrid Hardware & Communication Integration
  • Data Acquisition & Microgrid HMI Deployment
  • Network Operating Center – SCADA Applications
  • Network Operating Center – Advanced Applications

All sessions offer CEUs / PDHs to satisfy Continuing Education requirements

Contributing Companies

Community of professionals who share our passion for better and smarter power systems from engineering design to operation.

Technology Expo & Solution Center

Learn the technical know-how and experience our latest solutions and innovations with hands-on demonstrations at the 2020 ETAP Tech Expo & Solution Center. Come and test-drive ETAP and connect with our product managers, technology experts, and our leading industry partners.

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What to Expect?

  • Attend practical & real-world implementation presentations
  • Discover how ETAP Technologies can help your organization
  • Influence the future road map of ETAP analysis and operation
  • Get to know ETAP insiders & industry experts
  • Make connections to leverage your business growth
  • Receive Continued Education Units & Professional Development Hours 

Who Should Attend?

ETAP Global User Conference is open to Engineers, Managers, Network Planners, System Integrators, Technology Partners, and Educators from around the world representing industries including: Generation (Renewable Energy, Fossil, Nuclear), Transmission, Distribution, Industrial (Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining, Manufacturing), Mission Critical Facilities (Data Center, Hospitals, Ports), Transportation (Rail, Aerospace, Marine), and more.

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Why Should You Attend?

ETAP User Conference is a valuable investment of your time and money that will offer a chance to share ideas and solutions with fellow delegates across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • Learn best practices and real-world implementations
  • Product and industry sessions / tracks tailored to your needs
  • ETAP software updates, including new products, features, enhancements and capabilities
  • Deep dive into multiple topics in one-place at one-time
  • Influence the future of ETAP development
  • Industry trends, applications and product development
  • Tips, tricks and techniques that leverage the power of ETAP software
  • Access to ETAP partners offering complementary technology solutions
  • Meet ETAP’s master designers, developers and product managers
  • Share information and best practices with industry peers and subject-matter experts
  • Establish new business and professional contacts
  • Gain instant value through team break-out sessions
  • Convert what you just learned into how it may add value in your company
  • Drive your future growth via new services and solution offerings
  • All sessions offer CEUs / PDHs to satisfy Continuing Education requirements
  • Add to your knowledge base by exploring different areas of simulation
  • Get product-specific training
  • Access ETAP experts for one-on-one and how-to conversations
  • Watch practical software demos
  • Attend plenary best practice presentations
  • Learn what others are doing with ETAP
  • Increase efficiency in utilizing ETAP software
  • Discover ETAP software’s true potential
  • Introduce your company to the power of ETAP software
  • Share important concepts with colleagues at work

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