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Motor Protection

Characteristics & Applications

This webinar presents the criterion and industry guidelines for motor protection in medium and low voltage systems, typical induction motor protection schemes and suggested settings for protective devices. The application of Automated Protection & Coordination evaluation tool for design, verification, and correction of settings are also demonstrated.

Oct 14, 9:00 am PDT Oct 15, 9:30 am GMT+1

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Arc Flash Safety European/German Standard DGUV-I 203-078Arc Flash Hazard Calculations in ETAP

34:58 Webinars  
This webinar presents the European/German standard DGUV-I 203-078 for arc flash hazard calculations. This method, just like IEEE 1584-2018, is in use in many European countries. We will compare the German Arc Flash methodology to IEEE 1584-2018 and introduce ETAP tools available for Arc Flash calculations based on this standard. Application examples as well as features & capabilities will be presented.

eMTP™ - Electromagnetic Transient Program

40:01 Webinars  
This webinar demonstrates EMT simulations of AC power systems connected to power electronic interfaced renewables (both transmission or distribution levels), applications of FACTS devices, and synchronous condensers to mitigate network dynamic response concerns and representation of complex control systems.

eOTS™ - Operator Training Simulator

36:38 Webinars  
This webinar demonstrates how eOTS™ helps to develop and improve operator competency through real-world simulated learning, resulting in improved power system design and operation.

Stability Studies for Power Systems with DERs

1:10:24 Webinars  
As more Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are added and mixed into the grid, the need to effectively evaluate and validate the dynamic response of power systems has become essential for grid resiliency, reliability, and security. In this webinar, learn how ETAP Transient Stability Analysis addresses needs and challenges of stability studies for power systems with integrated DERs.

DC Arc Flash Analysis

1:07:08 Webinars  
This webinar discusses how well ETAP DC Arc Flash method results correlate with the test measured incident energies. The comparisons to be discussed include arc flash tests in photovoltaic and battery/rectifier powered systems. Furthermore, this webinar introduces major improvements to the DC Arc Flash calculation methods in ETAP 20; such as the “Incident Energy Subtraction Method" and new Worst-Case Datablocks from the DC Arc Flash Result Analyzer.

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