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Upcoming Live Webinars

Current Transformer Saturation & Sizing Webinar

Current Transformer Saturation & Sizing

Learn how perform CT saturation analysis and how to configure the short-circuit calculations from ETAP Star to obtain the magnitude and X/R of the fault current needed to size the CT. 

Jul 28, 9:00 am PDT Jul 29, 10:00 am GMT+1

Short Circuit & Dynamic Modelling of Inverter-based Resources Webinar

Short Circuit & Dynamic Modelling of Inverter-based Resources

Today’s power systems depend on renewable energy resources to meet their load demand and are typically interconnected through inverters. This webinar demonstrates how inverter-based resources are modeled for short circuit studies. It will also review various dynamic modeling approaches offered by ETAP and discuss merits and limitations of each approach.

Aug 11, 9:00 am PDT Aug 12, 10:00 am GMT+1

Recent Webinars

Optimal Power Flow Webinar

ETAP Optimal Power Flow Analysis - Basics and Application

49:15 Webinars  
Reliable, secure and efficient operation of power systems is becoming increasingly important due to drastic changes in technology and industry structure. Learn how Optimal Power Flow enables you to improve the electrical and financial performance of electric power systems while maintaining system resiliency & security. 
Cable Ampacity & Sizing Webinar

Cable Ampacity & Sizing

27:04 Webinars  
Proper sizing and current derating ensures that cables operate to their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation. Learn about design and application requirements to properly size and analyze cable systems based on IEEE and North American cable standards and guidelines: IEEE 399, ICEA P-54-440, NEC NFPA 70
Digital Twin Journey

Design & Operate - Continuous Digital Twin Journey

56:04 Webinars  
ETAP Digital Twin is an integral building block in all stages of an electrical system’s life cycle. Join & learn how you can leverage it for shortened design time, validation & transition of digital twin model to operations, early decision support, identification of operation problems & their cause, accelerated engineer & operator training, asset performance monitoring & optimization. 
Unified Protection & Dynamic Stability Webinar

Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

49:19 Webinars  
ETAP UDM is used to build complex control diagrams for machines & renewable energy systems via a graphical editor and includes solvers for simulating system dynamics. Learn how to use UDM Plot View to compare & analyze these dynamic simulation results from single or multiple cases in a quick & efficient manner.
ETAP Design Solutions Webinar Events

ETAP Power System Design Solutions

45:06 Webinars  
Learn about ETAP's one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage the digital twin model of your electrical power system.

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