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Traction Unified Power Flow

Traction Unified Power Flow

Traction Unified AC & DC Power Flow
Traction power flow considers unbalanced network modeling to solve AC transmission, AC or DC traction power and LV signaling circuits in one unified time series simulation. Train Performance Calculator is considered as an input to the study where the rolling stock mechanical demands are converted to electrical demand on the traction power grid.


Traction Unified Power Flow Key Features

  • Traction power simulation with AC & DC unified network solution
  • Allows specifying user-defined intervals for the profiles (hours or minutes resolution)
  • Graphically assign customer classes or sectors to loads and generators
  • Automatic time series synchronization of multiple train movement patterns
  • Ability to include devices in service or place them out of service during the planning period
  • Time series plot include: tractive effort, current, voltage drop, energy losses, demand, yield, and consumption for a specified period



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