Power System Analysis - Advanced

4-Day Live Online (Multi-Session), 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (GMT-3)
Sep 22 - Oct 1, 2020

This workshop is taught (in Spanish) by the ETAP authorized representative: Raien Argentina S.A.

Workshop Description

This 4-day multi-session workshop offers the opportunity to become proficient using ETAP:

  • To provide participants with knowledge and skills that will facilitate the performance of transient regime (electromechanical) studies in electrical systems using the current version of ETAP®.
  • Familiarize with the requirements and data preparation for transient regime studies (electromechanical) of an Electrical Power System using the current version of ETAP®.
  • Understanding the application and analysis of results obtained in the simulation of different modules of ETAP®20 such as Transient Stability, Three-phase Motor Starting and Distance (or Impedance) Protection Coordination in Sub-transmission and Transmission Networks.
  • Dynamic modeling of synchronous and asynchronous machines.
  • Modeling of the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), the Automatic Primary Motor Speed Regulator (Governor) and the Power Stabilizer (PSS) of synchronous generators.
  • The modality will be carried out through the "Virtual Classroom", where the participants will be able to access the analysis tool and each one will have the current version of ETAP® license for the simulations included in the program of this workshop.
  • In addition to the virtual class, one day will be available for interactive consultations and review of simulations with the workshop instructors after every 2 days of classes. Attending both from the Virtual Classroom and via email.

The topics to be taught will be broken into 4-hour sessions as noted below.

     Day 1 - ETAP Overview

                - Mathematical models of the equipment & characteristic parameters

  • Synchronous Machines, Asynchronous Machines
    Var. Compensator
    Switches and Reclosers
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    Frequency variators (VFD)
    Static equivalent of the Power System
    Element editor
    Component library

     Day 2 - Coordination of protections in subtransmission & transmission networks

                 - StarZ Module: distance or impedance protection

  • Case Study Editor
    StarZ module functions
    Characteristics in the R-X plane
    StarZ functions
    Sequence of operation
    Status graphics: time - status; time - distance; time - distance - resistance
    Report edition
    Application examples using the current version of ETAP®

     Day 3 - Motor Acceleration Analysis

  •  Modeling of Asynchronous and Synchronous Motors
     Dynamic Load Models
     Component Library. MA module
     Case Study Editor
     Report editing. Application examples using the current version of ETAP®
     Estimation of Asynchronous Motors parameters
     PE Module. Case Study Editor
     Motor parameter update editor. Report edition
     Application examples using ETAP               

    Day 4 - Analysis of Transient Stability

  • Dynamic models of the synchronous generator (Park transformation), the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and the automatic speed regulator of the primary motor (Governor)
    Component library
    TS module
    Case Study Editor
    Initialization of the simulation, application of contingencies, analysis of results
    Report edition
    Application examples using the current version of ETAP®

Note:  This workshop starts at  9:00 AM, Argentina time (ART)


  • Windows 10 Computer (i5+ CPU).
  • Reliable Internet access so attendee can connect to ETAP License server during workshop.
  • Dual Monitors are recommended but not required.

Who should attend

  • Electrical engineers and technical staff with a theoretical and practical knowledge base of Electrical Power Systems Analysis.
  • Suggest previous knowledge level corresponding to the course ETAP 113 or equivalent.


+ IVA (20% discount to ETAP Users with UUC-Active)

Date & Time

Sep 22 - Oct 1, 2020
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Raien Argentina S.A.
Congreso 2171 Piso 6
Buenos Aires, C1428BVE
+54 114 7019 316
+54 114 7019 316


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