Renewable Energy Solution

Renewables - Distributed Generation

Take control of your renewable energy generation in order to maximize output and improve efficiency
ETAP enables designers and engineers to conceptualize the collector systems, determine wind and PV solar penetration and perform grid interconnection studies. ETAP includes comprehensive renewable energy models combined with full spectrum power system analysis calculations for accurate simulation, predictive analysis, equipment sizing, and field verification of wind parks, solar farms and other renewable distributed energy resources (DER).

Prediction of system response to operator actions

  • Design, Analyze & Operate Green Energy Power Systems
  • Perform Wind penetration studies
  • Optimize Grid interconnection studies
  • Generation Management System
  • Wind turbine performance monitoring
  • Solar panel & inverter performance monitoring


Photovoltaic Array & Solar Panel

Photovoltaic Array & Solar Panel

An overview to photovoltaic array modeling and simulation using the ETAP software for solar panel sizing and grid impact analysis.

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

An overview of wind farm modeling and simulation using the ETAP Renewable module.


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